Tim Bowman Jr. & Faith City Music “Nobody But God”

Let the captivating melodies of “Nobody But God” by the phenomenal Tim Bowman Jr. & Faith City Music fill the airwaves on our favorite radio stations!

Tune in to BGRL-ST Internet, WDMK-F2 Detroit, MI, WXOK-AM Baton Rouge, LA to catch the latest vibes and let the rhythm take over! These 3 stations gave “Nobody But God” new airplay this week!

Major shoutouts to 7 stations, KZTS-AM Little Rock, AR, WBZF-FM Florence, SC, WFMI-FM Norfolk, VA, WJNI-FM Charleston, SC, WNZN-FM Lorain, OH, WOAD-AM Jackson, MS, WXHL-FM Wilmington, DE for pushing up the rotation and giving this track the spotlight it deserves!

Booking Inquiries: For all potential booking opportunities, reach out for booking inquiries at Tim Bowman Jr.

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“Nobody But God” received editorial support from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Tidal!