IGA Services

IGA Talent Mgmt & Consulting Inc Is a one stop shop for artists, managers, record labels, producers, and songwriters.

The services we offer are.

Radio Promotions: 

We offer Radio Promotions for the following Genres/Formats Urban, Urban AC, Top 40, Dance, Rhythmic, Hot AC, and Gospel! IGA is very selective with working singles to radio. If your song is not professionally done then chances are we will pass. To really put this in perspective Since the inception of IGA we have been involved with an impressive 36 #1 singles and albums. Spanning across multiple genres. We only target tracking radio stations that are monitored by BDS & Mediabase. This is a premiere service as we have a rotating 16 artist wait list. So please serious inquiries only.


So you don't have the right song: No problem, we also house the very well known production and song-writing team, Co-Signed Ent. Which is associated with Sony ATV. Co-signed was created by Industry vet Damon D. Co-Signed Ent creates Pop, Urban, R&B, Dance, and Inspirational directed songs. Co-Signs process of original production and song-writing process is state of the art and one of a kind. We dive into the artist by challenging you to think outside the box while creating a comfortable one-one environment to dig into your deepest desires, fears, and overall passion. So we can build you a song that reflects you that is extremely catchy and commercially competitive for today's driven radio market. Also, every record that is produced by Co-Signed is automatically excepted for IGA to work to radio. (See above the process associated with IGA radio promotions) Please contact us for pricing.

Social Media:

IGA can assist you with all your social media needs. We have the resources in place to boost your reach with Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Linkedin, and much more. Are most purchased package includes an emerging artist package that gives you a solid boost with your Youtube views, subscribers, and comments as well as likes. While also boosting your Twitter, FB, and Instagram followers. Please contact us for pricing.


IGA has been in business for a steady 11 years. Damon has been in the music business since he was 16 years old. He and his team have over 30 years of experience in the genres of Top 40, Urban, Dance, Urban AC, Rhythmic, Hot AC, Dance, EDM, and Gospel. IGA has the contacts to shop your music to major labels as well as national advertising agencies for a video game, television, and short film and major motion picture attraction placements.  IGA also has the right teams for PR and Marketing. Whatever you need we have a place and a trusting contact that will take you seriously. If you are looking to get major artist featured on your hit song or need to get a top producer to produce your next hit. We can help!

Other Services: 

Commissioning Top Remixers for your project.

International Promotions of Influential DJs.

Video Promotions.  (Eight Week Music Video Promotion) Includes all prep, Media to shows, Closed Captioning.

National Record Pool Service and Tracking.

Digital Distribution to all the digital outlets including Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Beats, etc.

Various services can be bundled together or separately. 

Why is IGA a great fit for your needs?

  • Every release is personal to our team.
  • We pick our projects that we are sure we can deliver

The numbers speak for themselves over 36 #1 albums and singles IGA has been involved in across multiple genres. 

In closing, we challenge you to google us, check out the testimony's and artist we have worked with on our website www.igatalentmgmt.com and while you're at it follow us @IGATALENTMGMT so you can see first hand what is to be a part of the industries #1 promotions, consulting, and marketing company. When you are apart of the IGA family it's a wave that you won't want to get off.

In closing, we look forward to working with you and making your dream a reality!