About IGA

IGA Talent Mgmt & Consulting Inc specializes in music streaming, DSP promotion, social media integration/monetization, and radio promotions. We work with the following genres of music targeting such formats with Urban radio promotion, Urban AC radio promotion, Gospel radio promotion, Rhythmic radio promotion, Hot AC radio promotion, Chrisitan/CCM Radio Promotion, and Top 40 Radio Promotion. As the CEO for IGA Talent Mgmt & Consulting Inc, we look forward to truly identifying the people who really want to be a part of this energetic fast paced industry. IGA TALENT is fully functional with a dedicated staff ready to make your dream and vision come true. We also offers consulting services to Record Labels, Artist, Songwriters, Producers, Marketing & Promotional Companies, Management Companies, and Radio Stations. Damon is considered by many as the best in radio promotions along with one of the best ears in the business as well as one of the most educated people you will ever meet in this business as he just recently accomplished 50 #1 records (see testimonials). To learn more about our President Damon "D", please refer to Presidents Bio.