Rudy Currence “Ransom”

Music Update

Attention music enthusiasts!

"Ransom" by Rudy Currence is taking the airwaves by storm! Here's the latest scoop:

Chart Update: Climbing the charts steadily, "Ransom" has secured the #20 spot. But we're not stopping there – let's drive it higher!

Rotation Buzz: Major shoutouts to 4 stations, KOKA-AM Shreveport, LA, KPRT-AM Kansas City, MO-KS, KPZK-FM Little Rock, AR, WCAO-AM Baltimore, MD, for pushing up the rotation and giving this track the spotlight it deserves!

New Additions: We're excited to welcome 2 stations, WJYD-FM Columbus, OH, WPRS-FM Washington, DC to the "Ransom" supporters! This station has added the track to its playlist.

Booking Inquiries: If you're captivated by the tune and want to experience it live, reach out for booking inquiries at RUDY CURRENCE.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep supporting great Gospel music! 

“Ransom” made editorial playlists on Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Pandora! This includes the cover of Spotify’s Fresh Gospel and Tidal’s Spread The Gospel!