Tye Tribbett “Only One Night Tho”

Music Update

Attention music enthusiasts!

"Only One Night Tho" by Tye Tribbett is taking the airwaves by storm! Here's the latest scoop:

Chart Update: Climbing the charts steadily, "Only One Night Tho" has secured the #12 spot. But we're not stopping there – let's drive it higher!

Rotation Buzz: Major shoutouts to 20 stations, KATZ-AM St. Louis, MO, KGGR-AM Dallas, TX, KOKA-AM Shreveport, LA, KPRT-AM Kansas City, MO-KS, KROI-FM Houston, TX, WBBP-AM Memphis, TN, WDJL-AM Huntsville, AL, WDMK-F2 Detroit, MI, WGRB-AM Chicago, IL, WJMO-AM Cleveland, OH, WJNI-FM Charleston, SC, WJYD-FM Columbus, OH, WKSL-F3 Jacksonville, FL, WNNL-FM Raleigh, NC, WPRS-FM Washington, DC, WPZS-FM Charlotte-Gaston, NC, WPZZ-FM Richmond, VA, WTLC-AM Indianapolis, IN, WWIN-AM Baltimore, MD, WWLD-F2 Tallahassee, TN for pushing up the rotation and giving this track the spotlight it deserves!

New Additions: We're excited to welcome 1 station, WCAO-AM Baltimore, MD to the "Only One Night Tho" supporters! This station has added the track to its playlist.

Booking Inquiries: If you're captivated by the tune and want to experience it live, reach out for booking inquiries at Tye Tribbett.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep supporting great Gospel music!