Renee Spearman “Tap Into It (The Source)”

Our favorite radio stations are now jamming to the beats of "Tap Into It (The Source)" by the incredible Renee Spearman feat. Kim Burrell! “Tap Into It (The Source)” has secured the #11 spot!

“Tap Into It (The Source)” by the exceptional Renee Spearman feat. Kim Burrell is currently setting the airwaves ablaze on our favorite radio stations!

Major shoutouts to 25 stations, BELR-ST Internet, BGRL-ST Internet, DAF-ST Internet, FREE-ST Internet, KKND-FM New Orleans, LA, KPRT-AM Kansas City, MO-KS, KRGN-LP Killeen-Temple, TX, KROI-FM Houston, TX, KZTS-AM Little Rock, AR, WBBP-AM Memphis, TN, WBZF-FM Florence, SC, WCAO-AM Baltimore, MD, WDMK-F2 Detroit, MI, WERM-AM Mobile, AL, WFLT-AM Flint, MI, WFMV-FM Columbia, SC, WJMO-AM Cleveland, OH, WLLV-AM Louisville, KY, WLNO-AM New Orleans, LA, WNNL-AM Raleigh, NC, WNZN-FM Lorain, OH, WOAD-AM Jackson, MS, WPRS-FM Washington, DC, WTLC-AM Indianapolis, IN, WTSK-AM Tuscaloosa, AL  for pushing up the rotation and giving this track the spotlight it deserves!

Booking Inquiries: For all potential booking opportunities, reach out for booking inquiries at Renee Spearman.

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“Tap Into It (The Source)” made editorial playlists on Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, and Amazon Music! This includes the cover of Pandora’s Women In Gospel!