Anthony Brown & Group Therapy “Speak Your Name”

Our favorite radio stations are now jamming to the beats of "Speak Your Name" by the incredible Anthony Brown & group therAPY! “Speak Your Name” has secured the #1 spot!

Tune in to WJNI-FM Charleston, SC to catch the latest vibes and let the rhythm take over! This station gave “Speak Your Name” new airplay this week!

Major shoutouts to 30 stations, BELR-ST Internet, BGRL-ST Internet, CSTR-ST Internet, DAF-ST Internet, FREE-ST Internet, FTSR-ST Internet, KKND-FM New Orleans, LA, KPRT-AM Kansas City, MO-KS, KPZK-FM Little Rock, AR, KROI-FM Houston, TX, KZTS-AM Little Rock, AR, Sirius Praise, WAGG-AM Birmingham, AL, WBZF-FM Florence, SC, WFMI-FM Norfolk, VA, WGOK-AM Mobile, AL, WGRB-AM Chicago, IL, WJYD-FM Columbus, OH, WKSL-F3 Jacksonville, FL, WNNL-FM Raleigh, NC, WNRR-AM Augusta, GA, WNZN-FM Lorain, OH, WPRS-FM Washington, DC, WPZE-FM Atlanta, GA, WPZZ-FM Richmond, VA, WTLC-AM Indianapolis, IN, WTSK-AM Tuscaloosa, AL, WWIN-AM Baltimore, MD, WWLD-F2 Tallahassee, FL, WXOK-AM Baton Rouge, LA for pushing up the rotation and giving this track the spotlight it deserves!

Booking Inquiries: For all potential booking opportunities, reach out for booking inquiries at Anthony J. Brown.

Spread the word, share the love, and let's make some noise for Anthony Brown & group therAPY!